Green Bay, WI (April 28, 2017) - Cellcom announced today that the company had winning bids on seven spectrum licenses in five markets in the FCC’s recent incentive auction. The new 600 MHz spectrum puts Cellcom in a prime position to accommodate the ever-growing data traffic created over mobile phones, tablets, cars and other machines. The FCC’s Prohibited Communications Rules ended on April 27 at 5 p.m. (CT), allowing Cellcom to publicly share that the company was a winning bidder.

According to the FCC, its first-ever “incentive auction” was designed to repurpose spectrum for new uses. Authorized by Congress in 2012, the auction used market forces to align the use of broadcast airwaves with 21st century consumer demands for video and broadband services. By making valuable “low-band” airwaves available for wireless broadband, the incentive auction will benefit consumers by easing congestion on wireless networks, laying the groundwork for “fifth generation” (5G) wireless services and applications, and spurring job creation and economic growth.

Cellcom’s newly acquired low-band spectrum is highly valued by the wireless industry. Its in-building penetration allows for strong signal indoors. The 600 MHz band also has the ability to carry signal through leaves in heavily wooded areas. The low-band airwaves cover longer distances, so fewer cell sites are needed.

“We are investing in our future,” said Cellcom’s president and CEO, Patrick D. Riordan. “The benefits offered by 600 MHz spectrum are a perfect fit for Cellcom and for serving rural Wisconsin and Upper Michigan. We are in a strong position to keep up with the rising customer demands for coverage in the years ahead.”


Cellcom is an innovative wireless company that provides nationwide service for its customer base throughout Wisconsin and Michigan, with more than 50 retail and agent locations. Cellcom is respected for its long-standing reputation of delivering extraordinary customer care, being a strong community partner, and for its renowned network, which is customized to its rural markets. As a subsidiary of Nsight, Cellcom is part of a family of companies offering complete telecommunications services.

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