Leading by example on the Shoreline

Cellcom and Glas Revamping Shoreline as part of Shawano County’s Land Conservation Program

Shawano, WI (September 13, 2017) – Shawano County’s waterways are a treasure enjoyed by locals and visitors alike. Protecting and maintaining these waterways is a group effort, and Cellcom and Glas are stepping up to do their part. The companies are scenically located along the Wolf River channel and are putting the finishing touches on a project to restore their shoreline by returning it to a more natural state.

A previous visit to Cellcom and Glas may not have tipped off that anything was in need of restoration. A freshly mowed lawn up to the water’s edge and tall, flowing Pampas grass along the shore are common sites along the channel. However, fresh-cut grass is not the best tool for waterway protection and Pampas grass is actually an invasive species.

“Mowed grass typically has compacted soil and doesn’t do a good job to retain excess water, allowing runoff from rain to flow directly into the water, bringing along whatever pollutants or excess nutrients that were picked up as it moves along the ground, ultimately harming water quality,” said Scott Frank, Shawano County conservationist. “Additionally most lawn grasses have dense yet shallow roots, which does not promote long term stability of the soil along waterways.”

Glas and Cellcom recently removed the invasive grass near the water and will be adding a natural buffer zone along the waters’ edge with native plants and mulch. This buffer will slow runoff water and naturally filter it before allowing it to seep more gradually into the waterway. The native plants used also have much deeper roots, which will make the shoreline much more stable in the long term and bring back a healthy habitat. For customers who enjoyed the view with their coffee, the updates also promise to be aesthetically pleasing.

“It’s a win-win for us. We get to beautify our shoreline and improve water quality, adding another element to our mission of being green and minimizing our impact on the environment,” said Joe Gazeley, team leader at Glas Coffeehouse. “We look forward to showing off the completed project and invite the public to come check it out. This sort of work is not only beautiful, it’s functional and reasonably easy to accomplish on other shoreline properties. We’re happy to serve as an educational tool for those who may be interested in learning more.”

Glas and Cellcom took advantage of a cost-sharing grant offered by the Shawano County Land Conservation Department. Through the program property owners can submit proposals and receive 50 percent cost-sharing on shoreline restoration projects up to $2,500 per property. Funding is still available and those with an interest in this type of project are encouraged to contact Shawano County conservationist Scott Frank at 715-526-4632 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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Glas, the green coffeehouse, is a venture for Cellcom and serves as a community gathering space at 511 N. Main St. in Shawano. Glas incorporates various green elements in effort to reduce stress on the environment. The coffeehouse provides exceptional coffee, loose-leaf tea, espresso drinks, food items, and free Wi-Fi. To find more about, visit www.glascoffee.com.